Live a day in the middle of nature with the Burruticas Project, visit and meet waterwheels that continue to work today, learn about donkeys and help to show that they still have a place among us and can help us without exploiting or physically mistreating them.

What do we offer you?
The activity includes:

• Hiking route with donkey + educational talk about donkeys and their relationship with human beings + visit and explanation of waterwheels + guides / monitors + picnic (sandwich and drink) + photographic report (downloadable online) + activity insurance.

The routes, excursions and other activities carried out by Burruticas take place in the municipality of Abarán, gate of the Ricote Valley and located just 25 minutes from Murcia capital following the A-30 highway towards Albacete. Currently in Burruticas they carry out hiking or trekking routes of low difficulty along the banks of the Segura river.

The activity consists of a hiking route in which each person takes care of, handles and drives their animal, being advised at all times by the burruticas monitors.

Children can do the route entirely on the back of the animal since its weight is insignificant for the size of the specimens that carry out the activity.

Naturally, each person is free to do the entire journey on foot if they wish.

During the route there are different stops programmed that will serve to receive the guidelines on how to handle our animal, explanations about the places we cross, breaks, lunch, observation of places of interest, photographs, etc ...

Children under 12 years of age will share the handling of an animal with an adult.

The approximate duration of the activity will be between two and a half hours including reception

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